The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is the independent statutory agency of the Australian Government responsible for statistical collection and analysis, and for giving evidence-based advice to federal, state, and territory governments. The ABS collects and analyses statistics on economic, population, environmental and social issues, publishing many on their website. The ABS also operates the national Census of Population and Housing that occurs every five years. 




The Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS) brings together for the first time a critical mass of Australia’s best researchers in applied mathematics, statistics, mathematical physics, and machine learning. 

With partner researchers, ACEMS engages in research programs that combine innovative methods for the analysis of data with theoretical, methodological, and computational foundations, provided by advanced mathematical and statistical modeling.  

ACEMS focuses on the impact of new insights for end-users working in the Collaborative Domains of Healthy People, Sustainable Environments, and Prosperous Societies. 



AMSI is the collaborative enterprise of Australia’s mathematical sciences. The national and international initiatives of AMSI fall largely into three classes – research and higher education, school education and engagement with the industrial and commercial world. 

AMSI has built a record of achievement in these areas and is recognised by government and industry as a leading provider of services, activities and strategic initiatives. 

The common aim that AMSI shares with partners is the radical improvement of levels of mathematical capacity and facility in the Australian community.  



The Biostatistics Collaboration of Australia (BCA) is a collaboration between 5 Australian Universities. We deliver an online program of Postgraduate Biostatistics Courses. Our focused curriculum was developed with a commitment to provide Australia with well-trained professional biostatisticians and upgrade the skills of clinical researchers. The courses provide a sound mathematically-based grounding in statistical methods with a strong emphasis on applications in all areas of health and medical research.

Survey Design 


Survey Design and Analysis Services Pty Ltd (SDAS) is the authorised distributor of Stata, Stat/Transfer, QDA Miner, WordStat and Arbutus Software in Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand. Software, books, journals and support to businesses, government organisations, non-profits, universities and personal users are offered by Survey Design with the most competitive pricing available.  

Survey Design sells the tools to help auditors, analysts, academics, researchers and professionals get more out of their data. 

“We provide the tools, so you can find the answers”.