Paola Oliva-Altamirano

  • Principal Data Scientist
  • Innovation Lab, Our Community/SmartyGrants

Paola Oliva Altamirano is a principal data scientist at Innovation Lab, Our Community/SmartyGrants.  A research scientist trained in astrophysics, she is currently working on data science projects to help Australian not-for-profit organisations. As a data scientist with the SmartyGrants Innovation Lab, Paola designs algorithms to improve our understanding of social sector data, with the goal being to facilitate human-centred AI solutions.

Paola graduated from Physics in Honduras and later did a PhD and Post-Doc in Astrophysics at Swinburne University of Technology. She transitioned to do Data Science with SmartyGrants in 2018. In 2016 she co-funded the Organisation “Astrophysics in Central America and the Caribbean (Alpha-Cen)” to support students in developing countries pursue careers in science. She currently is Alpha-Cen’s Vice-President.


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