Minh-Ngoc Tran

  • Associate Professor
  • University of Sydney

Minh-Ngoc is currently Associate Professor at the Discipline of Business Analytics, the University of Sydney Business School. He obtained a BSc and a MSc both in Mathematics from the Vietnam National University at Hanoi, and then a PhD in Statistics in 2012 from the National University of Singapore. He then worked as Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of New South Wales before joining the University of Sydney as a faculty in 2015.

Minh-Ngoc’s main research interest is Bayesian computation with a special focus on Variational Bayes. He is also interested in promoting the use of modern Bayesian computation techniques in Cognitive Science, Consumer Behaviour and Financial Econometrics. Minh-Ngoc’s research has been published in many top-tier statistical journals and his research has been well funded including three ARC grants.


  • Bayesian computation: why/when Variational Bayes, not MCMC or SMC?

    Bayesian inference has been increasingly used in statistics and related areas as a principled and convenient tool for reasoning with uncertainty. Bayesian computation is often a challenging task and modern applications of Bayesian inference, such as Bayesian deep learning, have been called for more scalable Bayesian computation techniques. In this talk, we will give a […]