Presentation Session 4: Bayesian statistics

Lessons learned from the development and implementation of a Bayesian MIMIC model to predict hearing aid benefit

Speaker: David Allen (20 min)

Bayesian Within-host Modelling of Red Blood Cell Dynamics and Primaquine-induced Haemolysis in G6PD Deficiency

Speaker: Parinaz Mehipour (20 min)

Sport-related Eye Trauma Study (SETS): Five-year audit of sports-related eye injuries at a tertiary eye hospital in Australia: 2015-2020

Speaker: Gizem Ashraf (5 min)

A bayesian model for inferring intratumour heterogeneity in copy number variation

Speaker: Puxue Qiao (5 min)

Variational approximations for structural equation models

Speaker: Luca Maestrini (5 min)

Using model approximations to accelerate Bayesian computation

Speaker: David Warne (20 min)

Things I Didn’t Learn at University

Speaker: Ben Harrap (20 min)