Presentation Session 3

Penalised Quasi-Likelihood Asymptotics in Generalised Linear Mixed Models

Speaker: Xu Ning (20 min)

Estimation of the Cure Rate for Distributions in the Gumbel Maximum Domain of Attraction Under Insufficient Follow-up

Speaker: Muzhi Zhao (20 min)

A new two-parameter distribution: Properties, Regression Modelling and Applications to COVID 19 data

Speaker: Phillip Oluwatobi Awodutire (5 min)

Joint Mean and Correlation Regression Modelling for Multivariate Data

Speaker: Zhi Yang Tho (5 min)

Communciating with Clinical Collaborators: a Vet’s POV

Speaker: Catriona Croton (20 min)

Tales from the trenches of statistical consulting: five tips for early career statistical consultants

Speaker: Cameron Patrick (20 min)