Presentation Session 2

On the Estimation of the Resource Selection Probability Functions from Presence Background Data

Speaker: Chathuri Lakshika Samarasekara (20 min)

Comparison of Spatial Models for Analysing On-farm Strip Experiments based on Geographically-Weighted Regression and Kriging

Speaker: Shih Ching Fu (20 min)

Multivariate Spatial-Dependence Modelling of Satellite Data

Speaker: Josh Jacobson (5 min)

Exploiting scientific publication trends for chemical risk management

Speaker: Jason Whyte (5 min)

Statistical modelling with citizen science data for local shorebirds on the Mornington Peninsula

Speaker: Udani Wijewardhana (20 min)

A non-conventional entry into the world of statistics…

Speaker: John Samuel Warmenhoven (20 min)