Presentation Session 1

Data visualisation can reveal exposure misclassification in case-crossover studies of medication safety

Speaker: Michael James Leach (20 min)

Understanding the role of causal inference from observational datasets in developing government policy

Speaker: Elena Tartaglia (20 min)

Social media intervention for raising awareness of cardiovascular diseases in the female population of Australia

Speaker: Atousa Ghahramani (5 min)

Between-centre differences in overall patient outcomes and in trial treatment effects in multicentre perioperative trials

Speaker: Vanessa Pac Soo (5 min)

Calprotectin Metadata in COVID-19

Speaker: Raphael Udeh (5 min)

Probing Multifractionality of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation

Speaker: Ravindi Nanayakkara (20 min)

What is statistical expertise?

Speaker: Taya Annabelle Collyer (20 min)