Posters Exhibition

ECSSC2021 is delighted to present the posters for this conference. You may view them as shown in below. All posters exhibited are the thumbnails and you may wish to click on the images to see the detailed view.

Use of social media analytics for raising awareness of cardiovascular
diseases risk factors in the female population of Australia

Atousa Ghahramani

Sports-related Eye Trauma Study (SETS): Five-year audit of sports-related eye injuries at a tertiary eye hospital in Australia (2015-2020)

Gizem Ashraf, Janan Arslan, Carmel Crock, Rahul Chakrabarti

What’s your poison (today)? Anticipating chemical risk by publication keyword analysis

Jason M. Whyte

Multivariate Spatial-Dependence Modelling with Satellite Data

Josh Jacobson, Noel Cressie, Andrew Zammit-Mangion

Variational approximations for structural equation models

Luca Maestrini, Khue-Dung Dang

Modellingof Anisotropic Spatial Random Fields Using MixtureCopulas

Mohomed Abraj, Helen Thompson and You-GanWang

Neural ordinary differential equations for ICU glycaemic control

Oisin Fitzgerald

Inferring intra-tumoral heterogeneity at single cell resolution: A Bayesian model

Puxue Qiao, Davis J. McCarthy

Calprotectin Metadata in COVID-19

Dr Raphael Udeh

Between centre differences in overall patient outcomes and in trial treatment effects in multicentre perioperative trials

Vanessa Pac Soo, Sabine Braat, Anurika De Silva, Philip Peyton

Joint Mean and Correlation Regression Modelling for Multivariate Data

Zhi Yang Tho, Francis Hui and Tao Zou