Career Panel

We are delighted to provide you a career panel to enlighten your career pathway. In ECSSC2021 we have invited several inspiring industry and public sector champions to share their experiences and tips to you. The following are their information:

Dr Calvin Hung

Principal Data Scientist, QuantumBlack, a McKinsey Company

Dr Calvin Hung is a Principal Data Scientist at QuantumBlack. QuantumBlack is an advanced analytics firm and part of McKinsey & Company, operating at the intersection of strategy, technology and design to improve performance outcomes for organisations. Calvin holds a BSc in Physics and Mathematics, a BEng in Aerospace and a PhD in Robotics, all from the University of Sydney. His research focused on applying Deep Learning techniques to help robots navigate real world environments. After 3 years of postdoc Calvin joined the finance industry, developing systems to improve financial well-being of customers. Calvin joined QuantumBlack in 2017 and has since worked on a variety of transformation programs across retail, telco, mining and pharmaceutical industries.

Ha Dinh

Data Scientist, Shopify

Ha Dinh is working as a Data Scientist for the People Analytics team at Shopify. Before becoming a Data Scientist, Ha was studying Vietnamese literature during high school, and then Marketing during her undergraduate years. She decided to pursue a Master of Data Science at the University of British Columbia to better support her passion to help organizations make better decisions through insights from behavior. Outside of work, Ha spends her time with the Women in Data Science Vancouver to empower women and people who are interested in the field.

Phil Newbold

Data Scientist, Methodology Division, Australian Bureau of Statistics

Phil Newbold studied Mathematics and Statistics at La Trobe University, then took part in the AMSI summer research scholarship, working on an R package for statistical ecology. He then spent two years working as a consultant in digital analytics. Early this year Phi took the opportunity of entering the ABS Graduate program, and is currently working in the Machine Intelligence and Novel Data Sources section working predominantly on natural language processing. In his private time, Phil enjoys running, travel, hiking and golf.

Dr Alessandra Monerris Belda

Manager of Satellite Operations, Australian Bureau of Meteorology

Dr Alessandra Monerris Belda holds a Masters’ and a PhD in Telecommunication Engineering with major in Earth Observation (EO). Before completing her PhD, Alessandra took on the position of founding Executive Director at SMOS-BEC, a satellite research and data distribution centre in Spain. Later on, Alessandra moved to Australia and joined various EO research projects on the validation of satellite soil moisture products, cosmic-ray probes, and the utilisation of Global Navigation Satellite Systems Reflectometry for the retrieval of geophysical parameters. She was a consultant for the European Commission and is currently working at the Bureau of Meteorology as the manager of satellite operations.